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What is social media marketing or SMM ?

In simple words, Social Media Marketing or SMM in short is the usage of various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram , Twitter, Tik Tok, Pinterest etc to promote your brand, brand’s products and/or services through Social Media Marketing. Brands can also use social media marketing on various social media platforms to connect with their audiences digitally, talk to them, sell products, nurture them, inform them about updates in the products or company and a lot more.
With a shift of people the growth of social media user base and reach is on a continuous rise. In this case it makes sense to reach your target audience through social media marketing.

Social Platforms that are used for social media marketing are as follows.
→ Facebook
→ Instagram
→ Twitter
→ Pinterest
→ YouTube
→ WhatsApp
→ Tumblr
→ Tik Tok
→ Reddit
→ LinkedIn
→ SnapChat

You can use Nine Thirty Four, A top social media marketing agency in Delhi NCR, can help, If You:

  1. Want to create a hype, using social media marketing or influencer marketing, regarding a Product Launch
  2. Would like to connect to your audiences, Nurture Your Customersthrough social media page, this gives them a sense of security and trust.
  3. Have a brand that wants to Promote An Event,using social media marketing ?
  4. Would like to Generate Leadsthrough social media marketing on Facebook / Instagram, through facebook advertising or instagram advertising ?
  5. You would like to Sell Your Productson Facebook / Instagram ?
  6. & much more.


How Can We Help You ?
We have a lot of new exciting offers for new as well as old businesses wanting to promote their businesses on social media. We can help you run paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, LinkedIn & Twitter & can also help you manage your social media accounts, run organic campaigns, help you get to the right customers. We believe in only results and hence we do not shy away from showing our results, obviously while maintaining client – vendor privacy, You can see some results below for some of our clients.

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Some Of Our Campaign Results

Facebook Lead Generation Campaign

Facebook Lead Generation Campaign

Facebook Organic Reach Campaign

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