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What is digital marketing ? & Why do it at all ?

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Marketing of a product over digital media is generally known as digital marketing. So any advertising done over the internet can be termed as digital marketing.

To simplify a vast topic like Digital Marketing is a complicated task in its own right but it is worth a try. The aim is to make people, who have no experience or knowledge of digital marketing, understand the basics of digital marketing in order to help them make informed decisions.


To make things simple to understand, let us divide digital marketing into two main categories.


  • Organic & Paid


1)     Organic

Organic marketing in simple words is advertising your product without paying anything for the advertising. You do not pay to any digital platform like Facebook, Google & Instagram that you might have to advertise for your product. It is not as easy as it sounds unfortunately.
A tedious task if you ask us due to multiple reasons. In organic digital marketing, only one thing matters – The Audience. Everything depends upon how customers perceive your product and how they interact with your brand.

How efficiently can your brand build a community that appreciates your product so much so that they can also influence others to buy it.

As far as organic rankings or search engine optimisation is concerned, being on the first page is what all brands seek. In SEO we slowly make your website, attractive enough, fast enough and relevant enough to attract more engagement. You build authority among the niche by creating back links and then search engines start taking notice and when they do, you rank higher.
If an Search Engine Optimisation Agency tells you that you can maintain these rankings forever, it’s a white lie, because rankings fluctuate every day. We track them, based on which we optimize and update your content, make it more relevant, study audience behaviour and engagement and make you rank again, to get more traffic. Search Engine Optimization is a slow and immensely rewarding marketing technique that works for businesses.

We at Nine Thirty Four Marketing Guarantee you 100% traffic increase in the first three months. If everything is done right.

2)     Paid
Paid marketing is self-explanatory. You pay and you market your product. Different platforms have different ways of promoting products. The Key performance indicators for paid ads on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok or on search engines like Google, Bing etc can differ.
You can choose lead generations or conversions, Cost per acquisition, target return on ad spend or ROAS in google ads, video views, white paper downloads, website traffic, unique vs returning users, no of likes, comments, engagement rate to name a few, as your key performance indicators and make an informed choice about further optimizations.

So wherever you pay for your ads, those advertisements are known as paid ads and marketing as paid marketing.

To know more about different types of marketing, you can visit our services section here to understand in detail about different types of digital marketing like affiliate marketing, inbound marketing, pay per click etc.



Why Digital Marketing ?

Almost everybody, at some point in their businesses’ lives ask this question to themselves. Why do I need it? Why can’t I just do traditional marketing, that has been working for me.

Well the answer is :

Majority of people are shifting online today. Demand of traditional media & marketing is slowly going declining. OTT content is replacing conventional cable TV. We research, understand, interact and buy on mobile phones. Today we look at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Google more than we look at TV. For any product or service, 80% to 90% traffic, today, comes though mobile phones. If most of your audience is online and you are busy doing traditional marketing, that is bad business. You will just end up spending a lot more money for a lot less conversion. So it is better to be where your audience is.

Some advantage of Digital marketing / Online Marketing are.

1)    Cheaper than traditional marketing.
2)    You can narrow down your exact audience.
3)    You can modify your campaigns as and when you like &
4)    You can make informed decisions by studying your audience’s behaviour.

We Understand, once you do decide to market your product online, there are multiple questions that can fog your mind, questions like,
1)    Should I just invest in google ads ? If yes, How much ?
2)    Should I market my product on social media ? If yes, then what all channels ?
and more.

Don’t worry, A capable digital marketing agency near you like Nine Thirty Four Marketing can easily answer all of these questions for you in a jiffy.

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