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About Us

Build Your Digital Presence With Nine Thirty Four Marketing, an Expert Digital Agency.

Whether a start-up or an established business we would all agree that it is incredibly hard to scale up and get traction in this ever-changing dynamic market. The last thing one needs is a digital marketing company that over-promises but under-delivers.

This is where we come in!

We analyse the market trends, understand audience behaviour, strategize and then aim to target the right audience for lead generation. App downloads or any other key performance indicators that you might need to achieve your business goals, we make sure that our campaigns are incredibly effective and efficient.

Think of us as your creative friend rather than just a digital marketing company!

Our Journey

Foundation of an Idea
It all began in 2016 with laying the foundation of an idea to rise in the world of growth marketing fully aware of the competitiveness and intricacies that it comes with. The motto of “Let’s do it” is instilled in every professional associated with us hence making us a company with over 98% client-retention rate. We’ve worked with over 20 SMEs thus far and are dedicated to walking ahead on the path to success.
Struggles & Challenges
Our struggles started with the question “How to achieve maximum ROI?” and the main challenge was to build a unique business strategy for every client who hired us. We were able to achieve every client’s business goals with the help of new marketing techniques & tools.
Nine Thirty Four comes to Life
Nine Thirty Four came to life with full force in 2018, a team that works tirelessly to align marketing efforts with the client’s business goals. We were getting recognition slowly which helped us in preparing ourselves to move onto the next step with bigger clients those who needed digital empowerment to make a difference.
Growth Ahead
With a vision to grow more, Nine Thirty Four will soon be opening its own digital marketing academy.

Core Values

We, at NineThirtyFour, are driven by 5 core values that resonate with our team and guide us to form a strong relationship with our clients.


We are committed to putting continuous efforts to work towards the 3 A’s-Analyse, Aim & Achieve that guide us every day in achieving our targets.


We are a dedicated team ready to go that extra mile to build trust and to do as we promise. You can depend on us unquestionably.


We believe in giving attention to every detail imaginable regardless of your budget or project size.  


We work skillfully to show efficiency in every task without wasting time and believe in listening to your problems by providing solutions as early as we possibly can.


We strive to provide reliable solutions for your business’s digital problems. You can rely upon us as we believe in meeting deadlines.

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